Electromagnetic tracking (EMT) is a navigational technology which provides precise real-time tracking of sensors in a volume.
Our proprietary DeepTrack electromagnetic tracking system provides tracking of sensors in both five degrees-of-freedom (5DoF) and six degrees-of-freedom (6DoF). Tracking sensors can be embedded within medical tools and instruments allowing them to be tracked in clinical scenarios.
Electromagnetic tracking does not require line-of-sight for operation which enables effective tracking and visualisation of instruments during image-guided interventions.

How deep track works

  • The Field Generator (FG) creates a low frequency magnetic field in the volume of interest.
  • Medical instruments with embedded magnetic sensors are used within the tracking volume.
  • The sensors measure the magnetic field emitted by the FG.
  • The Base Control Unit (BCU) receives the sensor signals and resolves the position and orientation of the instrument.
  • These position data are streamed in real-time to the end user application for navigation in image guided interventions.

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